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Thank you. A drive in the woods was a good thing… only two dead deer and four or five raccoon- It was hard to tell. One deer was like cartoons with their legs in the air. There is a very pretty lake in Tarrytown I found quite by accident. I probably should have pulled up my lawnchair right there for the afternoon. There isn’t much to do in Tarrytown besides eat. Nasty traffic on 84? 684. 40 feet of roadwork held traffic for nearly an hour in the east direction.

I was going to hold my tongue- but well- that isn’t very realistic. The show was fine. The venue is very old, built in 1885- wood structure, decrepit. For those who go to shows to get drunk- probably not their first choice, alcohol sales were limited to beer and wine or you could fill up on candy-curious combination no? The band seems to be warming up after a bit of a break. Neal was a bit held back? I am here to complain about the ding dong- yes ding dong- unkind words but appropriate- who was wiggling her ass about in the sight line of about 30 of her fellow concert goers. Many of whom had to move and sit further away to see. This is the same kind of fool who is fiddling with the phone in front of you when the light turns green. Consciousness is one of those capacities that has to be taught and practiced. It so often seems entirely lacking in contemporary culture… doesn’t that sound pretentious?- despite people bragging to the contrary. An usher-bless her for trying- suggested this woman take it to a balcony- that didn’t work.


not exactly the third eye. He only has the one here.

I recommend for the folks travelling to Lowell or Hartford- the Brimfield flea market is running from July 14-19. There are a few extensive fields of vendors. It looks like there is some rain coming though. May is usually the better time to go. The cast iron people are coming back. I bought the best ever over the burner waffle iron several years ago there. I like stopping at the merchant who traffics the Tibetan art. I don’t like to think about what all else they may be trafficking. There is a girl who sells some great silver nearby. I like to visit the booths of the New York ladies with the deco bakelite jewelry collections….stupid prices but usually impressive stock. We had a friend who ran the hotel in the middle of the fair. She could tell you who the reputable jewelers were. Sadly Peg has been gone for a few years now. Two years back behind the hotel there was a woman selling some beautiful strawberry shortcake. My Uncle Richard would tell you it is all a bunch of junk. It is A LOT of stuff. This from a man who dealt antiques in the 70’s and sold an awful lot of said junk back in the day. I remember distinctly piles of velvet paintings he brought back from Mexico. He blew those up trying to repair the Jaguar in my grandfather’s garage. The last supper on velvet hanging over Gramps couch is burned into my memory.

He just sold the 59 Jaguar roadster he had rusting in his garage for near to 40 years. The family “mansion” is for sale. – probably for far too much money. Richard thinks a bigwig from the casino coming to town…now it may be in 2018…. will want to buy the place. There is an underground tunnel, working pocket doors extraordinary woodwork-numerous little rabbit warren rooms… it has been decorated in italianate kitsch with bad marble tiling and some other unsuitable décor choices for a Tudor built in 1926. I will be sorry to see the house go. I would be even sorrier to see what a flipper would do to some of the details of the place.

As much as I would like to see Asbury Park one day I don’t think I want to see what happens to a place when the casinos fail. Already there have been several building delays, MGM has backed out of some land purchases- so a scaling back of the plans?….(and community commitment) After witnessing the magnitude and impact of the graft of the big dig- … well we can already see it happening here. The reality of the so called jobs that come with the casino is a fairy tale. Although there seems to be more room for drug dealers- I think there has been some reorganization in the heroin trade because of a spate of arrests over the winter. As a result, the gang initiations were especially ramped up this spring. There were bullets that went through our dining common. Springfield College had gunfire the two weeks prior. Needless to say this isn’t very good for business at a college. Are the same folks who will be purchasing the marijuana in MA … the same folks who go to a casino?

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